Happy Father’s Day and Welcome to Daddingly!

Father’s Day in my house usually starts with my two girls sneaking into my room in the morning and waking me up with an original poem or song about what a great dad I am.  And they’re right, I’m a great dad. But every Father’s Day I’m filled with gratitude for how lucky I am to have such great kids (even though they do drive me crazy sometimes) and how much I love being a dad.

This year, all that warm-fuzziness overflowed and spilled out onto the internet where I plan to share the love and celebrate the crazy fun that comes from living a daddingly life.

I made up the word daddingly, but only because I couldn’t find one that quite fit what I wanted to say… and because it sounded really cool as a URL.

Fatherly is a perfectly good word, but I take it to cover more fundamental things about raising kids – providing for them, keeping them safe, ect. Daddingly, on the other hand, is doing all of that AND taking an active role in teaching and sharing yourself and your culture with your kids.

Values and culture are lenses through which we see ourselves and shape how we interact with the world. Things like our faith and ethnicity make up our values, which in turn influence our culture – what we do for fun, whether we use Windows or Mac and it’s something that we pass on to our kids, whether we know it or not.

Everything kids are exposed to influences the development of their personal culture and parents can’t control all of it. So, I choose to maximize the impact I have on the development of my kids’ personal culture by sharing the things that are important to me: Love, respect, tolerance, and the fact that Han Solo shot first.

Many of my friends live daddingly lives and whenever we get together we swap kid stories and share our different approaches to passing on our culture and values to our kids. This site is intended as an extension of that on-going discussion with an extended audience.

Just as culture is a living, growing thing with little rhyme or reason, you will find these pages growing, changing and hopping from topic to topic. We’ll talk about what movies and books every kids should see, how to perfect a parachute for a green army man or build a remote-controlled submarine or how to start kids off with poetry or debate the outcome of a fight between Darth Vader and Voldemort.

Happy Father’s Day! Now go have fun with your kids!